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Best Tips To Care For Your Valuable Earrings

19/04/2023 | Dubai Jewellers

Earrings are indeed a woman’s best friend, especially if they are diamond ones. There is no doubt that earrings of any metal are a precious accessory and hence must always be preserved with utmost care. Preserving them not only maintains their brilliance but also protects your ears from harmful infection. Earrings clogged with dust and other pollutants can lead to ear infections which can turn malignant sometimes. Therefore, it is important to take extra care of them. Here are a few essential tips that can help you cherish your valuable earrings.

Ensure Proper Storage

You must always store silver earrings in ziplock plastic bags or moisture-resistant containers to save them from moisture and humidity-related effects. The best way, however, is to store them in the same box you bought them in or else wrap them in cotton or velvet boxes. The jewelry store can also guide you about storage tips for earrings.

Seek Professional Help

If you feel you aren’t able to clean your earrings efficiently, it is okay to obtain professional help. The jewelers have special chemicals, equipment, and expertise to carefully clean the jewelry items. Also, the cost of professional cleaning isn’t too high. It is always worth spending money on it as that can increase the life of the earrings. Remember to always secure the jewelry receipts as that can help you acquire some cleaning or restoration benefits from the jewelry store.

Protect From Environmental Factors

You might not know it before but the weather conditions can diminish the glow of your jewelry. Environmental conditions like sunlight, dust, humidity, smoke, etc have harmful effects on the luster of the jewelry. Have you heard of silver tarnish? Well, it is a form of corrosion of silver products. Though moisture and humidity alone cannot result in silver tarnish, their effect on sulfur cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is best to protect the silver earrings from such environmental exposures. While going outdoors, you must always cover your earrings with a scarf. It is also best to avoid wearing them when it’s raining outside or the weather is too humid. Furthermore, you should skip wearing them while going to the gym, swimming classes, etc.

Keep Earrings For The Last

The last useful tip to preserve your earrings is to wear them last while dressing up. Most women wear earrings as soon as they wear their costume, just to see if they go perfectly with it. But the tip is that you should keep them for the last. It is obvious that while doing regular makeup, the earrings can come in contact with cosmetic creams and other makeup products which is why one should avoid wearing them beforehand. Cosmetic products can dull the elegance of the earrings and therefore any such exposure should always be avoided. Also, you must remove your regular earrings while you are taking a bath as the toiletries like soap and shampoo can damage the glimmer of the earrings.

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