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Bangles Size Chart

How to measure bangles and other relevant details.

If you would like to know how to measure bangle sizes please read below :
Men’s and women’s bracelet sizes are given in inches, because they are flexible and can lay open, that is, they do not have to be slipped over the hand as in case of a bangle, which does not open.
Why do we not show the bangle sizes as bracelet lengths in inches too? Because two wrist size may be identical sizes but the size of the hands may vary, e.g. two women may have the same wrist size, but one may have larger or smaller hands than the other, as the bangles have to be slipped over the hand, it is prudent to take into account the diameter of the bangle which does not open. The bangle sizes are given in diameter, which is the distance, measured across the inner diameter of the bangle e.g. size 2-4/16th, 2-6/16th, 2-8/16th in Inches

  • Example : 2-4/16th inch is 2 full inches and 4 sections of the 16 sections of an inch shown on the Inch scale
  • Bangle sizes : conversion from diameter to length or inner circumference.
Description Bangles  Diameter Bracelet Circumference
Inches Millimeters Inches = 25.4 mm
Bangle bracelet size Very small 2-2/16″ 54.0 6.67″
Bangle bracelet size Small 2-4/16″ 57.0 7.06″
Bangle bracelet size Medium 2-6/16″ 60.0 7.45″
Bangle bracelet size Medium Plus 2-8/16″ 64.0 7.85″
Bangle bracelet size Large 2-10/16″ 67.0 8.24″
Bangle bracelet size X large 2-12/16″ 70.0 8.63″
Men’s bangle or Kara Large 2-14/16″ 73.0 9.02″
Men’s Kara Large X large 3.0″ 75.0 9.42″
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